- "Freedom is never given free, It is gained by proving your independence" : Sumesh Sukumar -
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About Me.

To honestly define oneself is a great challenge. Through many obscure dimensions that we see our self, it is hard to project truth as well bring peace within.

After reading M.K.Gandhi ’ s - My experiment with truth, I felt so astonished how easily he had portrayed himself as a simple man. If such a great personality can stoop, what is the relevance of my fibrous vanity. That is the strength which made me breakout of all taboos and bring myself to confront my audience. It is still an on going struggle because I haven’t stretched my wings to know how high I can fly nor have I built enough credibility to prove what I believe I stand for.

Perhaps there is no right time to measure what you are truly made for. May be time itself is a very vague concept as T.S.Eliot said "Time present and time past are both perhaps present in the future and time future contained in time passed".

Born to an upper middle class family in Kerala India, opportunities were a luxury. I credit Navodaya schooling system for molding a strong feeling of independence. Moving to Trivandrum the capital of Kerala for graduate studies was a milestone. University library, Astronomy club, British Library, Flying club and Mahatma Gandhi College stretched my view from ordinary to panoramic. From there to the capital of the world New York, USA was a choice of destiny.

Eastern perspective, believes, idealism, philosophy and its application in western world is more like confusing the sun with the moon. I followed what I consider as adaptation through integration. Preserving what was core, accommodating what was new and transforming one self to the ways of new life. Western education was a bypass experience that helped me to assimilate myself into the new world.

If I have to summarize my life in one sentence, I would probably phrase it as - one man's effort to do the best he can with the modest life he was given. Beyond reservation I credit every soul known and unknown that influenced me in one way or the other for what I am today.

Time and innovations never stops. We have to wait to see where it takes us to .....

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" When someone does something good, applaud! You will make two people happy. "  -   Samuel Goldwyn

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