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The Sportsman.

Recently while searching for something entirely different, I found a trunk box from my school days. In it was a whole stack of old certificates I received for sports and arts. Most of my friends in school were passionate about cricket and I played it too. But in my heart, I was more a soccer fan and ran as team captain in some of the inter house school championships.

For me however, credits came from another game called Kho-Kho than from cricket or soccer. Kho-Kho is a form of tag game played in India, mostly outdoor, where one of the twelve chasers try to tag runners from the opposite team. The runners try to stay not being tagged during an inning (9 minutes) which is pretty hard to do. The team with the least tagged runners wins. The best Kho-Kho inning I had was at an inter school competition where I remained untagged for the whole inning. The feeling still is mesmerizing.

Even though I was once selected to the training camp for the nationals, the highest-level sports event I played in Kho-Kho was at the Kerala state level. One thing I learned from sports is that it’s very hard to be a valued team player and even harder to match it with the right sportsman spirit.

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