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For the virtual tour of America, please expand each region you wish to explore and then click on the state's name to view its local images.


00 - 00 Capital District Region Tot Img - [015]
District Name Visited Y / N Images Uploaded Proposed / upload date

Washington DC Y 15 04 Jul 2011

4th of July was chosen as the date to launch US photo collection because it’s the Independence Day of America. The images are sorted state wise and then grouped under geographical regions. Since DC is not a state, it’s listed here separately.

01 - 07 North Atlantic Region Tot Img - [105]
08 - 14 Mid Atlantic Region Tot Img - [105]
15 - 21 South Atlantic Region Tot Img - [105]
22 - 28 North Central Region Tot Img - [105]
29 - 35 South Central Region Tot Img - [105]
36 - 42 North West Region Tot Img - [075]
43 - 50 Pacific & S.W. Region Tot Img - [105]

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49 out of 50 American states & Washington DC published - Latest albums added to this collection : MT & WY [Aug 2016]
Keynote from the photographer on this collection
Origin of the word America can be traced back to the name of an early new world explorer Amerigo Vespucci. However, it was Thomas Jefferson's "original rough draught" of the Declaration of Independence, which made the phrase "United States of America" popular. The claim, expansion and consolidation of USA and its territories happened through a series of events including the Revolutionary War, Louisiana Purchase, Trail of Tears, Mexican War, Civil War, Alaska Purchase and the Spanish-American War. USA today is a federal constitutional republic consisting of fifty states and a federal district.

Some of the biggest events that gather excitement and large crowd of people in USA include the Rose Parade (Jan; Pasadena, CA), Mardi Gras (Feb; New Orleans, LA), Cherry Blossom Festival (Mar; Washington DC), Boston Marathon (Apr; Boston, MA), Kentucky Derby (May; Louisville, KY), Indy 500 (May; Indianapolis, IN), Santa Fe Trail Festival (Jun; Trinidad, CO), 4th of July (Jul; Washington DC), Air and Water Show (Aug; Chicago, IL), Route 66 Mother Road Festival (Sep; Springfield, IL), Balloon Fiesta (Oct; Albuquerque, NM), Thanksgiving Day Parade (Nov; NYC, NY) and New Year celebration (Dec; NYC, NY).

For many, this online American photo exhibition may be a walk through their own memory lanes; for others, it might be a new experience. This collection can also serve as a framework in determining where you want to visit and what you want to see, when you are planning a trip in the USA. Nevertheless, I believe we will all find something to relish while browsing through these images. In compiling this collection, I learned that it takes a great vision, immortal enthusiasm, continuous learning and lifetime of commitment to craft a magnum opus.

As a tribute to great technologies, frequent travelers and to all amateur photographers, I render some of my US photo albums for viewing and critiquing. To find the list of attractions in each state as well as the photos and its description, please go through the regional menu. If you only want to see photos and its caption from any particular state, try the ‘View all listed American albums’ hyperlink. If you are just here to browse through the entire American photo collection in one shot – I recommend you use the ‘View all listed American photos’ hyperlink.

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Sumesh Sukumar July 2011
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[Virtual Tour Of America] - call me at 9995044440 surendra kumar m g college
[New Mexico State] - What is displayed in the nuclear science museum Ranjith
[Connecticut State] - Never saw airplanes doing the printing work ! Ammu
[Minnesota State] - This place is probably is the pinnacle of American consumerism. Jerry
[California State] - This Image is excellent Richard
[New York State] - Nice snap of Empire State Building Lisa
[Vermont State] - Good picture Satesh
[District of Columbia] - Yes, Its behind this wall in the Smithsonian museum. Sumesh
[District of Columbia] - Do they still have the flag that inspired the national anthem. sopna
[District of Columbia] - Yes, you can take a tour of the White House. You will need to first contact your member of Congress and request a tickets to tour the White House through him. Sumesh
[District of Columbia] - Can someone take a tour of the White House M.
[District of Columbia] - I hope some local Washingtonians will post comments about the good museums in town. Sumesh
[District of Columbia] - It depends on what you wish to see. You can do an external tour of the city probably over a weekend. But, if you plan to visit the museums, you should count an additional day for each museum – and there are many good museums in DC. Sumesh
[District of Columbia] - How many days will I need to see DC. Charles