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The continent of Europe is a fabulous place with rich history, beautiful landscapes, stunning architectures and amazing art museums.
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   Tot Img :30 , Published : Dec 2012
   Tot Img :30 , Published : Dec 2012
   Vatican City   
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   Tot Img :15 , Published : Nov 2015
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   Tot Img :15 , Published : Dec 2019
   Czech Republic   
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   Tot Img :30 , Published : Dec 2019
   Tot Img :15 , Published : Dec 2019
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Of the 7 continents, Europe is the second smallest covering only 6.8% of world's land area. However, it is one of the wealthiest regions hosting the largest economy of the world. Europe has Arctic ocean to its north, Atlantic ocean to its west, Mediterranean sea to its south and Black sea to its southeast. Also note that Europe is separated from Asia by the watershed divide of Ural and Caucasus mountains.

The prehistoric age (2000 BC - 800 AD) in Europe saw the rise of Greek and Roman Empires, followed by Middle ages (800 - 1500 AD) with kingdoms headed by Spain, Portugal, France and England. After that, Europe went through the Enlightment age (1500 - 1800 AD) and Industrial revolution which later paved ways to the age of Imperialism (1800 - 1900 AD). Towards the end of twentieth century, Europe started consolidating itself under one flag - The Europian Union (EU).

EU is an economic and political union of member states with its de facto capital in Brussels, Belgium. Even though efforts for the unification of Europe started after World War II under the assumption that countries who trade with each other are more likely to avoid conflict; the framework of EU as we know today came into existance only after 1990's. EU is now moving towards a single market through one system of law, one european currency and no passport control within.

It has been my dream forever to travel through Europe focusing on the fabulous city architectures, gorgeous suburban landscapes and numerous art museums. I also wanted to feel for real the new borderless states and its governance model that men have invented after historic rise and fall of many great european empires. It is quite fascinating to walk through history gazing at the use of talents, treasures and time by generations to move human civilization forward.

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Sumesh Sukumar Dec 2012
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