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Most reviews and comments received by this website in terms of content and looks are listed on this page for guest's easy reference.

#CommentComment itemCommenterDateItem link
1 Very beautiful painting. who did this ?Museum AssortmentsSreedhar Dec 2015View now
2 "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it" - Evelyn Hall on Voltaire's beliefs.Incredible IndiaSumesh Dec 2012View now
3 you born and brought up in kerala and spend childhood, education and everything there which is a small state in india. your child hood memory says the phrase “Unity in diversity”. BUT AN KNOWN DRUNKARD IN A BARBOR SHOP EXPLAINED TO YOU THE MEANING OF MOTHER TONGUE. pathetic!! A new born baby cry with regional accents copied from their mothers in fact they pick up the traits in womb, and in your case its a malayalam accent which you call it as "Mother Tougue." which is explained by a drunkard from india. so what the hell on earth your teachers are done? its very easy to judge india and its culture from its borders. you have come to contact with the turbulent beneath india. its beautiful like a mother's warm hugs. love india, not love your judgments. india not need help, but dont hurt it Incredible Indiaa poor malayali Nov 2012View now
4 CoolIncredible IndiaJoji Nov 2012View now
5 The beginning of the article is like a movie, and the flow is beautifully maintained throughout that made me read the article at one sitting. Every emotion is captured well with right expression and words. I really enjoyed reading the part in which you land in hostel and getting settled and even the talks that you have mentioned about that happens on the pier and stays in the pier:), is quite catchy. Photos you have added are really good but it would be more convenient to the readers if you can place it is right next/below the paragraph you have mentioned about it. Sumesh, you have picked up the art of writing very well, MBA is a very good choice but creative writing and Journalism is something that you can always think of :) Creative WritingJyothi Shanbhag Sep 2012View now
6 Unbelievable !Canada Through My CameraDinesh Apr 2012View now
7 Cool.Black White And GraysFrancis Feb 2012View now
8 call me at 9995044440Virtual Tour Of Americasurendra kumar m g college Feb 2012View now
9 What is displayed in the nuclear science museumVirtual Tour Of AmericaRanjith Jan 2012View now
10 Never saw airplanes doing the printing work !Virtual Tour Of AmericaAmmu Dec 2011View now

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As an open website facing the public domain, I have regarded public opinion as a social reflection of my works. I also view those comments as a source of inspiration and sometimes as an acknowledgement of my efforts. Truthfully, I become very delighted when friends approach and remark that my endeavours have helped reduce the information asymmetry that exists in our world.

The critiques have not always been modest in their expression. Their criticisms sometimes had been unpleasant based on misunderstanding of my works or because of the difference in our view points. However, as long as the language is civil and their comments have some bearing to my original works, I have always accommodated their opinion on my website. Hosting those comments does not mean that I agree with the commentator but that I acknowledges their freedom for expression.

This reviews page lists most comments that my works or the website in general has received. The comments are displayed along with the name of the associated work and a link that leads to that particular work. Being a live platform with the option to be anonymous, I have to agree that the comments are not always censored. Its fair to note that each comment reflects upon the character of the commentator as well.

You may use the 'Post comments' button to share your honest comments. If you think someone in particular would like this work, forward the webpage url by clicking the ‘Email link’ hypertext. You can also spread this content among your friends by using the social sharing buttons. If you would like to be notified when new contents are uploaded, please go through the subscription process. Thank you and enjoy !
Sumesh Sukumar Mar 2012
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