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Creative writing series articles are primarily based on my own experiences plus a pinch of fantasy, upholding certain discreteness.

#Content NameDescriptionLanguagePublishedCategoryLink
1 Calcutta DaysStudy abroad experience at IIM Calcutta.English2012ArticleRead now
2 Road map to a US business schoolHow to get into an American MBA program. English2011ArticleRead now
3 From Mahe to Quebec CityTravel journal – Toronto to Quebec City, Canada. English2010ArticleRead now
4 Ten years in exileOpportunities and trade off in moving to the west. English2009ArticleRead now
5 The CanadianTravel journal – A three day train ride to Vancouver. English2009ArticleRead now
6 Thanksgiving at Katie’sThanks giving day – Its origin and my experience. English2007ArticleRead now
7 Gold around my ring fingerA note on the influence of culture over marriage. English2006ArticleRead now
8 Indo-Pak in USATo be a true friend with a perceived enemy. [Published in a magazine - kairali] English2002ArticleRead now
9 Airplane's redefined in air 9-11 and its impact on citizens and governments. [Published in a news paper - The Indian Express] English2001ArticleRead now
10 Love and marriage in disguise Love and wedding ceremony of an American friend. [Published in a magazine - Pravaham] English2000ArticleRead now

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Keynote from the writer on this series
As each task competes for priorities in our lives, occasionally I wonder the opportunity cost involved in exporting thoughts and experiences into a readable format. I don’t know about other writers but for me, transforming an idea from a raw mush to a presentable layout requires reasonable effort because, most of what I write comes from life experiences and some from imagination that compensates inexperience.

At times I find it silly to be hashing out these articles not knowing if it is ever adding any value to anyone. Then again, the belief that uniqueness of each life gives a perspective somewhat different from others makes me follow through on a self-imposed commitment to share experiences. My life until now as Charles Dickens might have put it, was a roller coaster ride through the best of times and the worst of times partly influenced by strategic choices and partially swayed by destiny.

The greatest conviction to write is derived in response to the benevolence society has divulged upon me. I was privileged to be part of a family with members who sacrificed a lot to chase extra ordinary dreams, schools with teachers who imparted the virtue of wisdom, organizations with mentors who promoted knowledge sharing and a society with citizens who volunteered their own expertise as clues to enrich other people’s lives.

Once I happened to be in the same coach (train) with a well-known contemporary artist and we had a very enthusiastic discussion over the influence of art on people. I don’t recall much of the debate but it kind of ended with a mutual consent that one might impart one’s ideologies without imposing absolute terms there by letting the audience choose the best for them. This is the trend I have always tried to follow in my writings and is reflected back by one of the thoughtful critique's statement that - "I write to help my long lost twin".

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Sumesh Sukumar Mar 2012
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[Calcutta Days] - The beginning of the article is like a movie, and the flow is beautifully maintained throughout that made me read the article at one sitting. Every emotion is captured well with right expression and words. I really enjoyed reading the part in which you land in hostel and getting settled and even the talks that you have mentioned about that happens on the pier and stays in the pier:), is quite catchy. Photos you have added are really good but it would be more convenient to the readers if you can place it is right next/below the paragraph you have mentioned about it. Sumesh, you have picked up the art of writing very well, MBA is a very good choice but creative writing and Journalism is something that you can always think of :) Jyothi Shanbhag
[Airplane's redefined in air] - How do you feel about this after 10 years Karenna
[Road map to a US business school] - Dear friends, you can use this section as a discussion board to 1. Find more about the MBA admission process. 2. Share information from your personal experience of doing an MBA. 3. General challenges that you have faced / is facing while trying to get an admission. 4. Critique / comment about this article. Sumesh
[From Mahe to Quebec City] - Good one... Smitesh
[Ten years in exile] - You pilot's point of view and then its mapping to travel across North America is awesome, may be build on that a bit. A pilot who travelled the world, albeit on car.... If the mode of discovery is not consider, you saw the world, and may be touched it, a taste that pilots miss. Syed Dilawar
[The Canadian] - Wonderful article, do you know I am also a rail buff. Last week I took an overnight ride in an old colonial type train from yongon to Mandlay in Mynmar. See the documentary Great Rail Journeys by BBC.Keep it up. Madhu Nair
[Thanksgiving at Katie’s] - Interesting. John
[Gold around my ring finger] - That was a bit lenghthy, but that dot-dll comparison was fantastic... :-) how you got the patience to write the whole stuff maan? Husni Jifri
[Indo-Pak in USA] - chalo bhai chalo ... Adnan
[Love and marriage in disguise] - I just went through your website.It is really good.Then I thought I should not lose the opportunity to express myself..... I did not think I (if I am the so called "Indian")was changed a bit in the past one year. So everything is a matter of attitude. If one wants to an Indian always, he can be one. I would like to know what do you mean by being an "Indian"? T. V