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These are famous quotes of which some should be internalized as character, some prescribed as needed and some never to be followed.

#QuotesAuthorComment Now
1 My life is my message.Mahatma GandhiComment
2 Wisdom outweighs any wealth.SophoclesComment
3 Never, never, never give up.Winston ChurchillComment
4 Writing makes you more human.John UpdikeComment
5 Doubt is the origin of wisdom.Rene Descartes Comment
6 Slow but steady wins the race.AesopComment
7 Conscience is a man's compass.Vincent Van GoghComment
8 Lost time is never found again.Benjamin FranklinComment
9 Do something worth remembering.Elvis PresleyComment
10 Time is flying never to return.VirgilComment

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Keynote from the publisher on this series
First of all, let me say that all these quotes listed here may not reflect my personal view points. However, since I do have the ability to screen what gets displayed here, I admit that there might be some bias in the content that made the cut. Again, since I know that I might have some bias in my selection process, I have tried to offset them by trying to be extra inclusive and be more global.

No special criteria were used to determine the wisdom of the person to whom the quote is attibuted to, nor the correctness of the quote or its applicability in today’s world. I would let the readers decide it for themselves as the use of these quotes depends on the circumstances one might find themselves in. This could lead to the question, why consider any of these quotes at all if we cannot predict the results it might produce when followed.

Without going into the brilliance or the versatility of experience of the quote writers, I would say – why don’t we compress some of their learning as just hypothesis and use them where applicable than try to disprove them without having enough expertise to validate them. Treat these quotes more like guidelines that might need some personal tweak here and there to help one reach a hoped solution.

Before applying any of these quotes in life one should consider the fact that every quote has its limitation and once we grow beyond its realm of influence, one may find its use to be limited. Until we hit those ceilings, we might be able to comfortably use the essence of the quotes to guide us. Also remember the fact that its no substitute for independent thinking and a certain level of caution should be applied as these quotes are not absolutes.

Never forget to question the validity or applicability of these quotes each time before you use them as the reality around you or you yourself or both might have changed. May be its worth mentioning here that - Even when the physical world constrains you with possible choices, there are infinite possibilities you can live within your mind.

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Sumesh Sukumar Dec 2015
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