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Technical writing series is built around the core principle of information democratization in the field of Business and Technology.

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1 An introduction to Cloud ComputingTechnological introduction to Cloud computing.English2010ArticleRead now

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Keynote from the writer on this series
I believe technology has geared up its revolutionary engine driving businesses to adapt faster than in any preceding times. This is forcing business leaders to redefine industries and also to find new equilibrium in the existing markets. A Master's degree in computer science and an MBA in entrepreneurship puts me at a unique vantage point from where I can view the current technological patterns, shifts and its interplay in the world of business.

Fundamental economics have mostly relied on capital, labor and advance in technology as the primary input for defining production functions. A reliable financial sector with consistent government policies based on smarter regulations will be essential to maintain a trusted and fluid capital market. Labor force in the future will become narrow and focused, partially due to higher productivity as societies shift its reliance towards knowledge based and innovation driven companies.

Traditional entry barriers due to big technological infrastructure investments have been reduced with the burst of cloud computing platforms. Thriving competition among big industry giants and the evolution of pay as you go model for productivity applications have also given startups new options to swing capital cost to periodic cost. These breakthroughs for sure can entice many entrepreneurs to bootstrap and launch new ventures in certain sectors of the market.

Tomorrow's companies will face bigger challenges due to massive customer awareness, higher industry standards and greater social expectations. Many areas like brand sentiments and corporate responsibilities - pushed by social medias; regulatory and deregulatory changes - pressed by governing agencies; issues of skilled and optimal employment - driven by social outcry are just a few important ones from the grand list.

With the help of technology, companies will be able to trend their compliance missions, maintain their regulatory standards, use their geo dispersed workforce, reduce production cost and deliver greater value for customers. Management should be tasked to prioritize and push technology that delivers efficiency and competitive advantage. The challenge also falls upon the directors to support optimal use of technology that will drive up performance thereby maximizing shareholders value.

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Sumesh Sukumar Mar 2012
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[An introduction to Cloud Computing] - Informative, keep writing more technical documents. Dave