- "Freedom is never given free, It is gained by proving your independence" : Sumesh Sukumar -
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Thought writing series is intended as a console for unrestricted, free style, half boiled, imaginative and sometime incoherent ideas.

#ThoughtsAuthorLanguagePublishedComment Now
1 Gray and white matters today … ?~?!?@?#?$?%?^?&?*? …Sumesh SukumarEnglish Comment
2 One is only old as one’s ideology is…Sumesh SukumarEnglish Comment
3 Take on big challenges, win or lose we will certainly learn…Sumesh SukumarEnglish Comment
4 One cannot flee from one's own past just by moving oneself away…Sumesh SukumarEnglish Comment
5 We have no enemies than the ones we have made and the ones others have made for us…Sumesh SukumarEnglish Comment
6 Philosophy, conviction and reasoning fail where love begins…Sumesh SukumarEnglish Comment
7 Every so often we got to value the efforts than just the results because the rewards could be intangible…Sumesh SukumarEnglish Comment
8 What we do today is a reflection of what we have done yesterday and a base projection of what we will do tomorrow…Sumesh SukumarEnglish Comment
9 Sometimes we cannot save ourself nor can others but time… Sumesh SukumarEnglish12 - 2004Comment
10 Life is always an unfinished job.The more we do, the more we think of the more we could have done… Sumesh SukumarEnglish12 - 2004Comment

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Keynote from the writer on this series
Thoughts are the piecemeal cognitive threads, when linked together form Ideas. Hence its important to dedicate some leisure time for free thinking keeping in mind what Albert Einstein said “Any man who reads too much and uses his own brain too little falls into lazy habits of thinking.”

Personal challenges and experiences can extrapolate existing ideas in a linear path or may be in an exponential way. To shift general norms or to come up with pure archetypes, one has to lose all references and then start to model the world from a very idealistic mindset. You can visualize this from Rodin’s statue of the thinker which embodies the human disconnect from externality when immersed in a deep thought.

I have always experienced a conflict between my left and right brain; one arguing for a slow, artistic and philosophical life and the other pushing for a fast, structured and materialistic one. None of them ever made to the victory stand because each strived from the energy of the other. When one force had by its virtue of circumstantial benefit established an advantageous position, the other force would increase its persistence to become the dominant force restructuring life.

The thoughts listed in this series may have been derived from a lengthy exposure to certain facts or just due to instantaneous sparks generated by some psychological event. I don’t claim them to be the absolute truth, but just a perspective of the time I have witnessed and experienced. You might see some of the thoughts as strange and I sincerely respect your opinion based on the reasoning that no two lives are alike.

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Sumesh Sukumar Mar 2012
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