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A quote about Kappad Beach
Let the charm of Kappad remain a secret among the few who love the beaches and the seas.
– Anonymous

  Food-Item Rates     
#ItemPriceServing TimeDescription
1Morning Tea 20 INR06:30 AMTea
2Breakfast (Veg) 60 INR08:30 AMTea + Bread Butter Jam / Cornflakes and Milk
3Breakfast (Non-Veg) 80 INR08:30 AMTea + Bread Butter Jam / Cornflakes and Milk + Egg
4Lunch (Veg) 150 INR12:30 PMVeg Lunch Meals
5Lunch (Non-Veg) 250 INR12:30 PMFish Curry Lunch Meals / Chicken Curry Lunch Meals
6Evening Tea 60 INR04:00 PMTea / Coffee, Snacks
7Dinner (Veg) 120 INR07:30 PMVeg Dinner Meals
8Dinner (Non-Veg) 240 INR07:30 PMFish Curry Dinner Meals / Chicken Curry Dinner Meals
9Welcome Drink 20 INRAny TimeTender Coconut
10Bottle Water 15 INRAny TimeBottle Water

*** These are base rates and maybe subjected to change depending on the reservation date.

*** Extra Breakfast dishes - Poori Baji / Kerala Kuttipputtu / Idili Sambar-Chitni/ Dosa Sambar-Chitni / Pathari (pancake) / Banana (Steamed).

*** Extra Lunch / Dinner dishes - Veg Biriyani, Chicken Biriyani, Veg Fried rice, Chicken fried rice, Chapati Kuruma.

*** Extra Veg Curry dishes - Cherupair, Kadala, Boiled vegetables, Veg Kuruma.

*** Extra Non-Veg Curry dishes - Eggs, Fish fry, Fish masala, Prawns masala, Crab masala, Chicken fry, Chicken 65.

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