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A quote about Kappad Beach
Let the charm of Kappad remain a secret among the few who love the beaches and the seas.
– Anonymous

  Local Activity List

Liberty House offers an opportunity for all, in their pursuit of happiness, to explore and experience a lovely beach life.

Sunrise at the beach – Waking up early in the morning to stand and watch the beach come to life is an awesome experience. In contrast, sleeping on a comfy bed in a private room of liberty house tucked away from all worldly noise except the twitter of nature is equally enticing.

Fishing village visit – Just a mile away from Liberty House is a fishing village that wakes up in the morning to receive boats which docks with the catch from the previous night. A lazy morning walk along the shore with a coffee mug can take you there to show how market demand sets the price of fish. Buy some for yourself and we will cook it for you.

Swimming and Sunbathing – From washing one's feet in Arabian Sea by non-swimmers to relaxed swimming for hours by professionals, you can see that Kappad beach accomodates a wide range of water skills. If you are at the beach to just lay and enjoy the sun, we do have beach chairs and umbrellas.

Spending a peaceful afternoon – Lying on the hammock with closed eyes and taking occasional sips of tender coconut water directly from a dressed coconut is an occasion you will never forget. You can even finish a small book borrowed from our library sitting on the big swings tied to the mango tree or under some shade in the 1.3 acre land.

Fishing and Boating – If you are here for a longer stay, spending a morning fishing in the sea onboard a wooden boat can be exciting. Cruising in the local river aboard a houseboat in the evening usually is a quiet charming experience. We urge you to give us early notice so that we can coordinate this event with our associates.

Hill climbing – Introduce yourself and your kids for a small rock climbing experience. On top of this rocky hill you will be fascinated to find a centuries old temple. This is a good spot to take pictures of both the Kappad beach and the Arabian Sea because the view from here is spactacular.

Kite making and flying – Bring a cheat sheet and buy some accessories from the local stores to make kites. Kids will definitly enjoy the kite making and flying experience at the beach. Liberty House is proud to have the opportunity to host some guests from distant lands who came to participate in the kite flying festival at Kappad beach.

Vasco da Gama monument visit – Not to the extent of the Vasco da Gama monument in Lisbon, Portugal ; Kappad, India also has a monument that commemorates his historic landing at Kappad beach. This monument is a beautiful ten minute evening walk along the beach from Liberty House.

Shop for Sweets and Spices – Calicut to the world is also known as the “City of Spices”. There are some local stores that sell traditional Sweets and Spices at Kappad. But we can recommend you to the original old time authentic sweet and spice stores in Calicut especially at the always busy Sweet Meat street.

Manned railway crossing – It is not very clear why people are fascinated by this manned railway crossing 5 minutes away from Liberty House. May be the ringing bell sound that the gate makes or the buzz it creates by blocking local traffic for few minutes, it sure makes people gets out of their cars and wave to the train.

As the Sun goes down – It’s hard to predict what colors the sun will choose each day from its pallet to paint the extraordinary sunsets at Kappad beach. We suggest that you be ready and willing to soak in as much of those pixels so that this memory remains a future standard to compare all sunsets.

Campfire – After dinner, some choose to stay up late around the campfire and share their travel experiences with the rest of the crowd. We have seen it works best when guests come in groups. But this has never stopped the lonely travellers from joining the crowd and having a great time.

*** Please note that, this is just a sample list of things to do. Its upto your imagination how you tailor your vaccation at Liberty House and we will try all we can to make it happen for you.

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