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A quote about Kappad Beach
Let the charm of Kappad remain a secret among the few who love the beaches and the seas.
– Anonymous

  Hosted Events

Liberty house delivers great value by fusing together the best quality of resorts (Location) and homestays (affordability).

New Year celebration – every year is a huge hit when foreign and local guests gather and share their New Year traditions. You have to reserve in advance to get a spot.

Marriage reception – of the groom at the beach front was a bash. We also had many bride and groom families use Liberty house as a staging area before marriage.

Honeymooners – love this place becasue of its privacy. They mostly coming back to spend more time to rekindle their first shared memoires. Sometimes they book for their parents to enjoy a beach life as a token of thank you.

Family events – hosted include kid's birthday celebrations, family get together, 60th year celebrations, family daytime beach outings and many other small and large functions.

Martial art fans – cherish the fact that we arrange Kalarippayattu demonstration at Liberty House. Kalarippayattu is one of the oldest martial art in existence, which is primarily practised in Kerala.

Performing art admirers – enjoy the fact that we can arrange Kathakali for them in a very private setting. Kathakali is Kerala's iconic classical dance form, which combines facets of ballet, opera, masque and pantomime.

Nonresident Indians – have made liberty house their temporary home to meet and greet their family when visiting Kerala. They also enjoy the Indian homely feeling here without trading much of their foreign lifestyle.

Foreign tourists – always praise the tranquil Kappad beach, where they often swim and watch beautiful sunsets. Here they also feel connected with the host as both share their experiences - one traveller to another.

Foreign and Local students – have stayed with us and explored kerala tradition through the interactive cooking lessons we offer and the fine art demonstrations we conduct.

Artists – movie makers and song writers have found Liberty House inspiring. They get to walk between the quiet north shore where liberty house is and the busy south shore where the promenade is, in just two minutes.

Office parties – We have groups from Bank Offices, Law Offices, Doctor Offices, Private Companies and other Govt. departments host their meetings and functions at liberty house.

*** Please note that, this is just a sample list of hosted events. Its upto your imagination how you tailor your events at Liberty House and we will try all we can to make it happen for you.

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