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A quote about Kappad Beach
Let the charm of Kappad remain a secret among the few who love the beaches and the seas.
– Anonymous

  The Facility

Liberty House - Sea View is structured in a way that it is welcoming, affordable and accessible to fellow humans from any walks of life and all parts of world.

We provide families the platform to weave memorable moments and to reconnect with each other. We realize honeymooners need private time that they can cherish their entire life. We give friends the space to relax and have fun. We also accommodate birthday celebrations, private receptions and beach parties.

Liberty House is also a perfect spot for a loner artist to pursue his artistic inspirations. If you are living abroad and are here for a vacation, you can stay at Liberty House and entertain your friends and relatives at the beach. It’s again a great place for foreign & local tourists because we know where you come from and what you expect.

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